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intermezzocd     BAGIO - Intermezzo - CD - FIDEL BASTRO

New album by Punk-Funk-Free-Jazz-Noise duo from Hamburg (including an
 ex-member of HRUBESCH YOUTH, HAPPY GRINDCORE)! Instrumental
�Bebop-Hardcore�, complexity meets intensity! This CD documents the current state
of BAGIO�s, containing some new and previously unreleased songs, some reworked
versions of older ones, as well as a few live-recordings! 13 tracks in full, with a
playing-time of more than 37 minutes, nicely packaged in a DVD-style box!



remixbox   BAGIO - Remix Box - CD-BOX - FIDEL BASTRO

Comes in SUPER DELUXE packaging: A big-sized cardboard-box, riveted, sealed &
 stickered, containing not only the CD, but as well a nice booklet and 11 photographs!
The CD contains 22 tracks by BAGIO, remixed by various international artists.
Including En Esch, Justin Tyme, Ari Up, That Hideous Strength, Matthias Schuster
(GEISTERFAHRER) and lots more... Adding electronic elements, and sometimes
vocal-parts to the originals, the results are equally as amazing and interesting as
BAGIO themselves are! Full playing-time of 71 minutes!