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Hamburg-based Bagio are a north german noise and counterculture all star duo
  consisting of Uwe BAstiansen und Muck GIOvanett who are famous for their
work with Abwärts, Station 17, KMFDM, Happy Grindcore and Hrubesch
Youth. Some might call their guitar-drums-precore-paperchases
 “math-jazzcore”, but that sounds way too serious, boring & moldy and won’t do
 justice to their brilliancy. They’re complexity and simplicity, masquerade
 andnakedness, performance and minimalism at the same time and moreover
straight to the point - the secret shooting stars of the Avantgarde-Festival 2006:
Dropped jaws and exaltation everywhere. By the way… excerpts of this
performance can be seen on Bagio’s
„Live, 21. Mai 2005 „Unterm Durchschnitt“- EP/ II-EP + Live DVD“
public library edition. As you might guess
this release ain’t available at the stores but only at public libraries. Come along
and marvel at them at Avantgarde-Festival 2007 – this year their performance
includes a one-time collaboration with Damo Suzuki.